Grano Italiano
90 years

gli Spaghetti

More pleasure
with every sauce

We never tire of enjoying our Spaghetti! Be it for the rich flavour of the grain, the excellent absorption of the sauce or its good cooking firmness, this is the pasta type that best enhances any sauce, from Amatriciana, to meat sauce to a simple drizzle of olive oil, turning a simple recipe into a superb dish.

9/10 min 1 Kg
1/2 Kg

gli SpaghettiNI

Best enjoyed
with a fish sauce

Trying our Spaghettini with a fish sauce is an exciting experience to say the least! Their porosity, combined with their incredible lightness will bring out the best in all your dishes. Savour their flavour slowly and relish their delicate consistency. You’ll be happy eating them, sorry to have finished them.
5 min 1 Kg
1/2 Kg

Maccheroni di Toscana ®

Different country,
different maccheroni

The Maccheroni of Tuscany are inspired by local tradition that counts among its various shapes a pasta suitable for the most substantial and heartiest sauces. A “tough” pasta type is what it takes to bring out the best of meat and game sauces, typical of our region.
10 min 1 Kg
1/2 Kg

Penne classiche ®

Our pasta factory is the only one
that does not produce any ridged Penne

Smooth or Ridged? We solve the dilemma: in the Neapolitan tradition, Penne were born smooth and that’s how we love them. If it is cold-worked, bronze-drawn and slow-dried, smooth pasta becomes porous and does not need the ridges to hold the sauce. Indeed, the more uniform thickness compared to its ridged sister makes it particularly refined. Just drizzle a little olive oil over it to understand the difference!
8 min 1 Kg
1/2 Kg

Fusilli di Pisa ®

A secret enclosed in seven spirals

The latest creation at the Martelli home is inspired by the story of Peciolo, an pasta maker at a Pisan bakery in 1284. To pay tribute to our national genius is a Fusillo, made to remember our greatest symbol. 7 spirals, like the Tower of Pisa, with the edges a slight lining the walkway, follow each other in a vortex that elevates the taste to its maximum power.
7/8 min 1 Kg
1/2 Kg