Grano Italiano
90 years


Seen from afar, the town of Lari is a glimpse of the Middle Ages in the rolling Pisan hills. Proceed sprightly up the hill, the ancient town awaits you. Up there, in the shadow of the Castle stands a large yellow building. It is the pasta factory Pastificio Famiglia Martelli: not a silent industry with fast production lines and empty aisles, but the last, real traditional pasta factory. A world where time beats slowly, with vintage machinery and artisans at work, busy mixing, kneading, cutting and drying one of Italy’s best pastas.
Lari Castle - The Maremmana road door
The history of our business is intrinsically linked to Lari, to its past, to its territory. Our stubbornness in defending and passing on the rigorous traditional principles resembles the resistance with which the besieged townspeople always defended their freedom and dignity.

The pasta factory in the castle, in defence of traditional taste!
Drawing by Tommaso Levente Tani

The building in which our pasta is created is in itself a piece of history because it faithfully reproduces the shape of ancient pasta factories. The semolina flour arrives on the ground floor and there it is worked with cold water. Once the pasta has been laid out on carts or on wooden frames, it is lifted to the upper floors, to the drying chambers. Here the pasta rests until it reaches the correct degree of dryness. It is on the top floor of this building that the Spaghetti acquire their texture and unique taste.